Saturday, November 1, 2008

Barred Owl Face

There is something about owls that people are drawn to. I think it is the sense that they have a quiet wisdom in their eyes. This is why I chose to paint the owl's eyes. Two summers ago my daughter had a babysitting job that I would drive her to every morning just before 7:00 am. One morning my daughter pointed out a barred owl on the telephone lines along the road. I looked forward to seeing the owl each morning. Unfortunately over the past year I have seen at least 5 barred owls dead on the very same road. The last one was only a couple of weeks ago. The owl was dead at a four way stop sign intersection. As I drove past I looked down at this beautiful bird laying on the yellow line. I could see its face and one wing was outstreched. There was no blood, it was a macbre still life. I have noticed that the deaths occurred each time during a storm with high winds and rain. I also believe the loss of woods because of the countless new developments in the area and increase in traffic are to blame for the owls tragic deaths. I hope that through my paintings I can help to bring awareness and appreciation of the natural world to others. I hope you enjoy this 4"x 6" oil on canvas on board.
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